Being a magnet in life. #MOTIVATIONAL.

ONE SHOULD BE A ELECTROMAGNET (which attracts things).
NOT A NORMAL MAGNET   (which go and struggles to get one).

Their are two types of magnets as we know : Electromagnet and Normal Magnet.

                                    Electromagnet attract things easily although things themselves get attracted to electromagnet. Because it has the source that is electricity which makes it more powerful.

                                  About Normal magnet it doesn't have any source to make it powerful, so it itself have to do efforts to make things attracted to it. And it has a lot of limitation too.

                                   We have to become a Electromagnet in life so that we get things easily and so easily not that being a normal one we have to go after them to earn them.
Being a electromagnet means we should have concentrate on our goal mean we have something special like HIGH EDUCATION, A BIG TALENT ( we need to find it inside us as everybody has that), OR A GREAT BACKGROUND. If we just waits for moment and just do a 9 to 5 job then we just become a normal magnet as to do struggle in daily life. To avoid that we need to be a things which attract it's goal to come to it.

                                                                                                 - Sanchit Bhatia.


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